Argyle House Studio Canteen
artist residency 
live performance
50 min
Choreography, performance, costume, and concept by Agnese Cebere.
Sound design, recording, mixing and live performance by Stephen Paterson.

The aim of this residency and the resulting movement piece was to experiment with movement in the specific space of the Argyle House Restaurant, using the existing abandoned state of the room as instrumental in generating the choreography.

Within the choreography my aim was to work with the positioning of the dancing body as well as the re-positioning of, and interaction with, objects within the stage area. The building becomes flesh as the body takes on the angularity of the built environment.

The sound for this project was engineered by Stephen Paterson and was created by my dancing in silence and recording the sounds generated by the movement. This was the basis for the soundtrack used later in the live performance itself. The recorded sound of my movement informing my movement while creating it, looping back on itself.

The outcome of the residency was a live performance, as well as a separate dance film.

dance film
44 mins
Performance, concept and costume by Agnese Cebere.
Filming and cinematography by Yasmin Al-Hadithi.
Sound recording and lighting by Stephen Paterson.