Movement Lab Workshop
April 28, 2019
The Movement Lab was presented by Eugene Contemporary Art in partnership with the Center for Art Research at the University of Oregon, and facilitated by Agnese Cebere.

The Movement Lab explores the generative capacities of sense perception, interpersonal relationships, and group dynamics.

Movement is thought of in broad terms as gestures of cognition and communication. Together we are looking to understand something about touch, kinesthetic perception, and social choreography, with each other and our lived experiences as resources. How can we move differently by paying attention to our senses?

Two hours long, it consists of task-based exercises inspired by a range of somatic practices, and discussion among the participants. No experience is necessary and anyone can participate.

This workshop was part of programming for National Dance Week April 22-28, 2019 organized by City of Eugene Cultural Services.

Movement Lab at The New School
Spring 2018
weekly workshop
Organized by Agnese Cebere and Sasha Portyannikova in conjunction with the course Urban Tactics & Performance, taught by Nitin Sawhney at The New School in New York.