Rite of Spring
HD video 16:9
stereo sound
12:02 mins
Produced by MAAS.

Director, Editor, Dance, Costume, Sound Recording and Sound Mixing: Agnese Cebere

Director of Photography, Music: Luize Cebere

A communion with nature that traverses the sand dunes on the shores of the Atlantic. The solitary figure engages in a tactile exploration of the materiality of the natural world, forging ahead through the landscape and finding themself in a transformative encounter. The cold wind subsides and the earth warms as the dance continues.

Rite of Spring grew out of a fascination with the location, which ultimately becomes a character alongside the dancer as they define each other in their interactions. The film is influenced by Seijun Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter, butoh dance, and the movement vocabulary of Martha Graham. As the title suggests, it is a riff on the many rites of spring throughout the dance making tradition, including Graham's own.

Included in the Official Selection at Light Moves Festival of Screendance 8-11 November, 2018. Screening in the programme ‘Environments’ on November 9 in Limerick, Ireland.

More info at lightmoves.ie