VR experience
3-channel video
stereo sound
40:27 min loop
Exhibited as a single channel video projection in On the Tip of My Tongue curated by Katherine Spinella and Kristin Hough at Carnation Contemporary, Portland, OR, December 7–22, 2019.

Presented as a VR experience for the School of Media Studies graduate showcase Mixed Messages 2018 at The New School, New York, April 23–28.

A multisensorial installation in physical space or in VR, SOUTHWEST seeks to activate a somatic understanding of the body.

During the 40 min cycle of images and voice instruction interspersed with silence, the visitor is invited to perform actions or to be virtually enacted by them. The imperative of the voice draws on somatic practices where guided exploration of the body is used to activate and rediscover what is forgotten and neglected in everyday life, but that ultimately conditions our experience of the world. The feeling body is brought into focus by fluctuating between being here within this body, and there, in a vastly different environment.

Instead of showing you a body in space, I am taking your body with me on a journey into the virtual and far away. Your body schema is activated by the instructive narration which guides you through a series of somatic experiences. The effect is something like synesthesia, one sense activating another, guiding attention towards the awakening of a paranormal awareness.

SOUTHWEST is a durational piece that tests the viewer’s ability to pay attention and listen. The silent image and the sounding darkness create a cocoon for the visitor to be transformed by a hypnotic rhythm.