Synthetic voice and computer: Marcin Pietruszewski
Libretto: Chris Shambaugh
Choreography and performance: Agnese Cebere

Horotics is the result of a triadic collaboration – interweaving electronic composition, choreographed performance, and sonic fiction – which seeks to construct a space in which the borders and boundaries of experience and knowledge can be both delineated and transpierced.

The performance is itself a site of obstructions, collisions, and transits, merging with a strong tradition engaging the visual and auditory rendering of conceptual frontiers and their crossovers.

Surfacing between horos and horismos, this piece is a salute to the existential graphs of Charles Sanders Peirce, as well as the persistent tics of Professor Daniel Barker.

Horotics was first performed at the Transmètic : Ordonnance Festival in London, UK, on May 22, 2015. It was performed again on June 5, 2015 at Horotics++Funktion Cyan++FMRL in Edinburgh, UK.